Who are we?

AMIK Nutrition has one sole aim to make healthy eating easy, we launched because there are very few companies in the United Kingdom that produce healthy fresh ready meals, delivered to your door.

AMIK was then created to offer healthy macronutrient and calorie counted meals that are well presented and fresh and made from whole foods without any chemical additives.

Its so easy to reach for the sugary and salty foods when your not satisfied with your current diet regime.

The vision

The founder of AMIK Nutrition, Adel Salah has a vision of producing healthy, tasty food for his family and friends and recognised other peoples daily struggle with time, diet and the growing trend of being fit and healthy. Having been a chef for 13 years with experiences in all aspects of the catering world. With this experience and passion for food and catering for the public.

What we offer

Tailored packages can be made to any specific requirements whether its to lose, gain or maintain weight.

We know that everybody has different weight goals and targets as all humans are different shapes and sizes so each meal will be cooked specifically for your dietary needs, so please send us an email to discuss your personal meal plans.

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